Backgrounds for figure displays

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Backgrounds for figure displays

Postby IronhideTFX » Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:16 pm

Not sure if this is the right forum, but i'm looking for ideas for photography backgrounds for Masterpiece figures.
Mainly just want them for photos.
I have seen some Gundam hangers, but from what i can see they are discontinued, but this is something along the lines of what i'm looking for: ... sc8ke.jpeg

So just outsourcing and seeing if anyone here had any suggestions or ideas.
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Re: Backgrounds for figure displays

Postby NKF » Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:04 pm

That hangar looks like a bash together of Wave's H-Hangar and Kotobukiya's Mechanical Chain Base sets. I've seen them used as backdrops for the Tomica Hyper Series robots.

H-Hangar would be:

And Kotobukiya's Mechanical Chain base:

That's currently out of stock, but you could also try Hobbysearch:

That's a pack of two bases (approx 150mm x 150mm x 150mm per base) with a back wall which I think is suitable for what you're planning. There's also a B set which contain side walls rather than back walls. Combined they can make a neat corner display.

I recommend the Koto set if you can get a few as they are easy to reconfigure and they tend to get reissued every so often. Wave's H-Hangar's nice, but I'm not sure if it will be easy to obtain them in sufficient quantities. Also the pegs in the H-Hangar are so tight that it's not as easy to reconfigure after it is assembled.

Alternatively, to go in a completely different direction, PLM's Diorama Mansion series:


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