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Top 10 of 2019

Postby Good_Riddance » Sun Dec 22, 2019 3:28 pm

Hey team, we've gotten to that time of year again and seeing as I'm slightly more organised this Christmas than in previous years I thought I'd go ahead and kick this off.

We'll stick with the same rules as last year... I'm just going to copy and paste the list with much thanks to Thatotherguy who actually took the time to write it! (Cheers buddy :lol:)

1) List your top figures below. List can, but doesn’t have to, include photos and a description.
2) Only figures purchased in 2018 can be listed. This doesn’t mean they have to have been released this year though.
3) Not exclusive to Transformers. I know many of us collect other things, so feel free to include them on your list.

Have at it!
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Re: Top 10 of 2019

Postby Good_Riddance » Sun Dec 22, 2019 5:29 pm

Right, here goes. I'll have a crack at my list to get the ball rolling... Spoilers, it's been a bit of a year for 3p offerings for me :lol: This list is pretty fluid too. It's pretty hard to put things in order but I am fairly confident these are definitely my top ten for the year...

Honourable mention first! As I'd mentioned I haven't really been too tempted by hasbro's offerings this year. But I'm pretty sure this fella is my favourite main line release for the year. Its pretty much the only one I've kept anyway!


10) MMC Carnifex

If this fella had come out this year rather than me just picking it up this year it'd be far higher up the list... He's a big lad, cool alt modes, and his bot mode is a superb representation of one of the great villains from the pre-reboot IDW run (in my opinion anyway!)


9) MMC Stray SG

Another MMC Reformatted figure to make the list this year. This is my first version of this mould having not really knowing about this line when the white version released. Anyway. Looks pretty good in red, and the deadpool inspired head it came with is pretty cool


8 ) Gigapower Gaudenter

Call it curiosity that got me to grab a couple of the Gigapower dinos... I'm more than happy with the Fanstoys offerings but managed to snag this at a pretty reasonable price and I'm happy I did. Quite a hefty heavy bot, full of die-cast and loaded with accessories. You really don't lose either way if you're in the market for MP scale dinos, both companies options have a lot to offer


7) Xtransbots Stunticons

I decided to group these fellas together because to be fair it's hard to pick a favourite out of the lot, they're all pretty neat figures in their own right. As far as MP scale stunticons go these ones really appeal to me as in both modes they really scale properly with their autobot counterparts. But yeah, they all pull off both modes well, and full of poseability and articulation. And they're pretty reasonably priced to boot which always helps.


6) FansToys FT-29T Quietus

Considering I didn't get the normal version of this until early this year I could easily have both versions of this fella in my top 10, I like it that much. I've got one displayed as movie/season 3 Cyclonus and one kitted out in the IDW inspired samurai-esque gear. I'm not too concerned with the whole which colour scheme is more accurate shenanigans I've seen discussed elsewhere, he's just a good bot, sleek as all hell alt mode, and feels like a premium figure should. Good heft, nice paint nice poseability. Plus there's the fact he's one of my favourite IDW characters... I could go on and on


5) Transform Element Prime

This guy is my Prime. It's relegated Mp-10 back to storage, which in its own right is still a very good figure but TE-01 just pulls off the toon/masterpiece look to me better. Granted there may be a debatably better option out there now for some but for a quarter of the price this fella really knocks it out of the park. Really good shelf presence, quite a clever transformation in a explode the figure and put it back together kinda way, nice heft, good poseability and just generally really looks the part! If there were one minor complaint it would be the lack of paint on the red parts but really this is barely noticeable on the shelf.


4) FansToys FT-16M Sovereign

When I heard that there was a chance that there was a reissue of this fella in the works I was pretty excited as I wasn't really too invested in the masterpiece scale game when the original and original reissue were released. Luckily enough I managed to snag one from Tfs-express in the minute or so preorders were live, and was even luckier not to be one who's preorder was cancelled due to oversubscription. Since it has arrived anyway its pretty quickly become one of my favourite parts of my collection. I feel like I keep saying the same things about a lot of the figures on this list but he's got fantastic shelf presence, really good heft, nice poseability, and to be honest that metallic blurple pain on him really pops in hand. Just a beautiful figure


3) Planet X Kadmos

Another one I had been really looking forward to since its reveal. IDW Star Saber was one I was really hoping would get a decent figure released for it one day (one more affordable than the Flame Toys offering at least!) I think my enjoyment of the character definitely helps push this guy so far up the list but is still a pretty great figure in its own right. Great poseability, nice paint, nice die-cast... And a pretty cool alt mode to boot. I'm looking forward to seeing more of their victory leo bot and how the two might look combined... My only real complaint though is the hip joints aren't as tight as they could be. And not sure how well they'll hold up when and if I ever get to combining him. Still for now I think he's pretty great


2) FansToys FT-31A Roadking

This is where the witchcraft happens. Really impressive engineering to get a bot this size to transform into a truck & trailer unit that's only a shade smaller than MP-10. And the backpack is neither that big or noticeable for mine. All the usual Fanstoys tropes are there, sculpt, heft, poseability. Nice paint too, there's not a ton of it compared to some figures but what is there is really nice and well executed. Just a genuinely good all round figure!


1) MMC Ocular Max Saltus

And number one goes to.... This guy! To me it's a pretty impressive feat to have a triple changer that pulls off all 3 modes pretty well, and still have such a clean looking bot mode that doesn't seem to sacrifice much if anything in the way of articulation or poseablility. It's one of those figures I always seem to go back to and mess around with. It doesn't hurt that he's both a movie character and a wrecker in my opinion either... My figure of the year :)



And just a quick top 10 group shot of them all together! Cheers for reading/looking :)

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Re: Top 10 of 2019

Postby Spike » Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:43 pm

I still can’t figure out how to easily add photos so it’s just a text list for me.
Order is a bit tricky too but here goes...

10) MMC Fraudo
9) xtransbots Dragstrip
8) Maketoys Dirge
7) Fans Toys Brakedown
6) MMC Impetus
5) Fanstoys Goose
4) Fanstoys Maverick
3) Winged Dragon
2) masterpiece Optimus Prime v3
1) Fans Toys Roadking

I’m loving the Fanstoys combiner bots but nervous as hell about the combined modes
Spike's want list
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Re: Top 10 of 2019

Postby Thatotherguy » Tue Dec 24, 2019 8:53 am

Cant believe how fast this years gone.
Mighg upload photos later, but here's my list:

10) NECA Spyro the Dragon
9) TM2 Tarantulas
8) WFC Siege Soundwave
7) Perfect Effect TM2 Megatron
6) 3A DLX Blitzwing
5) KO Cell Shaded Grimlock
4) MP Blackarachnia
3) Borderlands Figures of Fandom (all 4 of them)
2) 3A DLX Bumblebee
1) MP Beast Wars Megatron
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Re: Top 10 of 2019

Postby MightyMattReidMob » Tue Dec 24, 2019 5:58 pm

10) MMC Fraudo
09) KFC Opticlones
08) Fans toys Roadking
07) Fans toys Spoiler
06) MMC Impetus
05) Mp39 reissue
04) Fans toys Koot
03) Fans toys Jabber
02) Fans toys Forager and Grenadier completing the set
01) Fans toys Quietus toon
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Re: Top 10 of 2019

Postby skydemolisher » Sun Dec 29, 2019 4:10 pm

Don't have 10 :P hahaha so my top 4 coz I think thats all I got this year;

Master Piece Jazz
TNR Agent Meister
Siege Jetfire
Siege Shockwave.

Got more anime and Star Wars things.
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Re: Top 10 of 2019

Postby loismustdye » Sun Dec 29, 2019 8:55 pm

No pictures for me either but here goes in random order, although all my TF purchases this year have been on the smaller scale of things

1. New age legends Starscream, just a superb little toy that for me nails both modes
2.mega Construx MOTU castle greyskull, beats the snot out of anything put out by lego over the last year
3. Magic square beachcomber
4. New age insecticons, modes are a bit simple but brilliant things for the size
Iron factory megatron, just wow and so many different options to display him as the megs of your individual choosing
5. SDCC mega construx MOTU Battle bones set, great figures and great box art to match
6. Gi joe collectors club night stalkers (female night troopers)
7. New age stepper, always s liked the stepper recolour over the Jazz colours and at this scale it just pops
8. Mech fans toys uoscaled KO of iron factories G1 ultra Magnus, he needs more heft than the original had
9. Iron factory acid storm seeker
10. Star Wars lego anniversary Slave I
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Re: Top 10 of 2019

Postby Zippo » Tue Dec 31, 2019 12:19 pm

Maybe one of these days I will dive into the storage tubs and transform a Transformer I have purchased; rather than "open box, place toy inside storage tub"

Then I can rank them :-)
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Re: Top 10 of 2019

Postby omegaprime » Wed Jan 01, 2020 8:10 am

egh this is hard because i brought so little toys last year

1, Omegasurpream
2. ultramagnus
3. helicopter drift
4, car dropout
5. cog ? was that this year
6. sixgun
7. reflector
8. shockwave
9. megatron
10, the other figures i brought are to meh to deserve this spot
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