November Hauls 2017

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Re: November Hauls 2017

Postby Thatotherguy » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:04 pm

Spike wrote: I've picked up quite a few now. Love them. Just got SS3 Goku a few weeks ago and the notice that SSG Goku is due soon. When he arrives at BBTS I'll be shipping my Scouter Vegeta as well. Who needs Christmas eh?

BTW, how did you post your photos? Is it with Imgur?

I thought I would be happy with just these two but keep finding myself looking up what else is available. Feel like another purchase might be made soon.

Yep, Imgur isn't quite as convenient as Photobucket was but at least it works
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Re: November Hauls 2017

Postby NKF » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:11 am

Finally set up an imgur account and giving it a test run. I will be missing the ability to thumbnail photos. I will need to have a hard think about how I manage and present the photos from here on.


- Perfect Effect Core Magnus - upgrade kit to replace the cab on CW/Legends Ultra Magnus. That said, like the Ginrai version, I'm keeping this as a standalone. It's far too much fun to be hidden away forever inside Ultra Magnus' chest. And stubborn old me still wants me a Hate Plague Armour Optimus Prime.

- Takara Legends Char - My kup of char runneth over! A surprisingly well engineered toy for the TR/Legends range. Hasbro Kup is great to begin with, but I have to say the changes on the Takara version do wonders for the old timer. Makes him more homely.

- The Hot Soldiers Iron Tin - Legends scale Ironhide. Has some limitations but otherwise a lot of fun and accessories packed into a small stature. I did have some QC issues despite the protestations on the box (the text on the packaging is amusing). There were lots of sloppily trimmed sprue gates sticking out all over the place. Easy enough to fix but not quite the same high standard of quality they had set with their versions of Soundwave and New Soundwave.

And finally speaking of Dragon Ball Z:


- Figure-Rise Standard Goku and Kuririn (or officially Gokou and Krillin as per the names printed on the box and instructions)

A cross between a DBZ action figure and a Gundam plastic model kit. The photo doesn't do them justice, but they turned out quite nice with just a straight assembly and minimal stickers usage for the tongues and symbols on their gi. Interestingly, the eyes and eyebrows are not stickers or painted on. Instead they are built up in layers of different colour parts. You will need to paint in the stripes on their boots for better accuracy, but that is it.

Not my usual thing, but why not. Plus we don't enough gentle Goku compared to angry Goku.

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Re: November Hauls 2017

Postby Zippo » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:48 pm

These arrived the last week of the month

Thanks to Jaydisc for the sale

November Takara Transformers

Some random Pokemon purchases :D

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