Trivial Irritations Thread

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Re: Trivial Irritations Thread

Postby [omega] » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:27 pm

Colorful words go with this.

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Re: Trivial Irritations Thread

Postby megatronacepticon » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:28 pm

EDIT (original post was a bit too critical of AusPost now since they've managed to resolve the issue):
Not sure this belongs here anymore since it got happily resolved, but what apparently happened was the seller had sent multiple packages out (as tends to happen) with one bound for me in New Zealand and another bound for someone in north-eastern Los Angeles. By mistake my package ended up getting mislabelled and ended up on a journey to the US. Luckily the seller got on to them about it and they managed to get it back from USPS and it ended up getting to me in the end. While this was going on it was somewhat irritating to watch my package track to the US not knowing whether or not it would ever get to me, but since it did this story has a happy ending.
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Re: Trivial Irritations Thread

Postby Spike » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:06 am

The post is getting to be scary, for receiving AND sending.
I order from Hong Kong and I can sometimes have in 3 days. I send something sometimes just across Auckland and it can take 6. You’d think 2 or 3 tops, and then you panic when it hasn’t shown up. It’s stressful.

What else is stressful is when your wife and children all get the vomiting bug and you have to take care of them all while operating on no sleep. My poor family but, man, am I exhausted.
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Re: Trivial Irritations Thread

Postby skydemolisher » Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:45 pm

The uncertainty of Youtube and COPPA. I don't make my content for kids and while I set the channel to not being for kids, Youtube and COPPA get the right to choose if my content is or is not aimed at kids based on what things appear in my From The Collection Friday, Random Mystery Unboxing and Let's Plays.

I'm by no means a big channel and never set out to be but its something I do for fun and to help with my mental illness and for something to do since I am unable to work. I really hate the idea of someone else being able to dictate what my content is and if I should or should not be fined large sums of money for breaching it. Sadly it also means I'm stuck in place with it because I can't have it on another platform since all of them will also be covered by the same law issues.

Its far worse for people much larger than me like Pixel Dan, Toy Galaxy, Not Another Retro Collector, etc who all put out content I enjoy and for a Kiwi Anime streamer I mod for who is also going to be caught up in it because literally anything that can be deemed as "for kids" is caught up in it.

The other massive issue I see in it is that reviews for figures will likely also be caught up in it and I, as I'm sure a lot of you do too, need to look at online reviews of things we are planning on buying or collecting because we don't wanna sink $ on stuff thats shit and hearing other collectors opinions and thoughts is so important.
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