Avengers End game (spoiler heavy tread)

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Avengers End game (spoiler heavy tread)

Postby omegaprime » Sat Apr 27, 2019 9:15 pm

So straight into a spoiler heavy tread, if the first warning wasnt enough last chance before things get ruined for you lol

After writing this up a secoundary warning this post contains information about what certian characters story plots would of included had they survived

Okay so i felt the first part was rushed brining down there first thanos should of been abit more, i know he was injured and all of that but i felt like they really steam rolled him compared to what happend later, it was nice that the bulk of all the trailers that i had seen happend in the first 10 to 20 minutes meaning i wasnt sitting there waiting for this to happen or that to happen.

there is alot to this movie so i will just go for key parts and how some are good and some are bad, i loved the interaction between rocket and thor it was amazing how well those two characters work, it was good to see ironman and caps get along at the end, ironmans death scene was a shock to me mostly because his character had yet to cover sevral arcs, him becoming part of the guardians of galaxy getting his super powers without his suit, his little boy which is important to the young avengers unless pepper is currently knocked up, most importantly cival war part 2 kinda have him and captain marvel butting heads alot so where going to miss all that now that his character is gone... but this also apply's to captain america because his child is part of the young avengers, but we do have hawk eyes little girl so we have one of them, so it could be built diffrently, back to caps the hammer moment that was just great.

I did warn of spoilers lol, that final fight scene is one that has to be seen on the big screen just so much going on, i felt like i missed stuff even on the big screen i will need to rewatch that scene a few times in the future.

Thanos i feel was slightly miss used as they didnt bring in sentry but to be fair he would completely undermine the presence of captain marvel so that makes sense but still slightly disapointing also we miss out on alot of other story plots as well e.g venmon and how he connects to thanos.

One thing i really am glad about is seeing it on the day it came out, i avoided facebook that day because i knew people would post spoiers, now its a big thing every thread i go into a see the spoiler post, i wont even comment on the thread just incase my friends click into it to see my post and see the spoilers...

so after all of that where do i see the franchise going from here, well honestly alot less solo films to start with, the new captain america might get buddied into other movies abit like falcon, i can see alot of the next phase being about the new comers and seting up Deadpool to join in and setting up the X men and the Fanstastic 4, which all makes sense, i can see maybe a captain marvel 2 featureing one of the other woman characters from the movie, maybe pepper pots would make a good duo alot of speculation.
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