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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby Muleac » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:54 pm

I went to see last week in 3D and cinematic wise it was awesome, having sentinel prime was cool, story was a bit meh, eye candy was meh looks like Bay found him someone else to worship(ok Bay we know shes cute stop showing her off in all those model clothes). I think they should change the name from Transformers to Sam and his robot mates who are only in 6% of the movie. Next movie should be all TFs no humans and the last fight between prime, sentinel and megatron sucked.

Side note. Took my kids to watch Kung Fu panda 2 (which is a good movie) at Reading cinemas in Rotorua and they had a TF3 promo in their front window and had some TFs as well. TFs from the movies and G1 as well. Saw Optimus, Devastator, Metroplex, Trypticon, 2 X Jetfire, soundwave, a few tapes, a lot of minibots bumble etc, I think it was computron, Omega Supreme. Me and my kids were looking at it for a while. I didnt find out who they belonged to though..I should have asked.
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby skydemolisher » Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:54 pm

Some spoilers here.

Late weigh in, well not really. I saw it today. Better than ROTF IMO. But I must say I'm left in a bit of the ol' WTF from parts. Why the whole Cube thing if you were going to do the space bridge? In one part doesn't Prime say "In the year since we arrived..." But isn't ROTF set like 2+ years later or something, not in the same year as TF 1? Why the sudden destruction with the ambassador of where ever it was? Uh so in what years did the Decepticons make the alliance with humans? Why if Sentinel was leader, did he not have the Matrix of Leadership? Why if the Con's were there earlier did they not try to retrieve Megatron from the Ice? Or Human hands prior to the arrival of Optimus and co? So like, you have an idea where the doohickie majour thing is... Yet you don't break out the nasty Rail Cannon from the 2nd film. Guess thats too easy eh?

I liked Shockwave, he could have been better though, his entrance was awesome.

I think Laserbeak was the most interesting of new TFs, Sentinel was cool but Laserbeak was just... Fun.

Human disintegration was fun to watch... Though uhhh, wasn't the idea to enslave them, not kill them?

In a way its like... Highlander for me. Highlander 1 sets it up, Highlander 2 sets the WTF, Highlander 3 is interesting. But when you do the reverse thing its like the order should be 1, 3 and then 2.
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby invisiblemoose » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:54 pm

Hello again, everyone, back again.

Actually Dino is also known as Mirage.

I finally saw this last week. I was so burned out by RotF but I still really wanted to see this movie. I gave it a couple weeks so that I at least did not contribute to its opening week/weekend because Hollywood puts such stock in that. I also got to take joy in the fact that because of a mix-up at the Cinema we got some free passes to make up for the fact so this movie never saw any of my money go towards it either. Yeah I'm spiteful. :D

This movie is the best argument for 3D filming I can think of. Because Bay cannot do his upclose, blurry confusing fight sequences, everything has to be much more cleaner and crisper which makes working out what's going on that much better. Now if only there would be technology that would mean that Michael Bay was required to actually hold a close-up shot on the Autobot cast once in a while so that we could actually see what they look like. I'm looking at you, Wreckers... oh wait, no I'm not, that's the problem.

The plot made little sense at times, but I guess that is the thing; in order to have plot holes, you require a plot. Thus DotM > RotF until infinity. But have you tried to glue all the plots together? Megatron crashed on earth in search of the All Spark. Sentinel crashed on earth planning to rendezvous with Prime, but he arrived centuries (millennia?) later. Maybe Megatron just likes to be early? Anyway, whilst also having the All Spark on earth, there was a device that was going to destroy earth's sun. I'm pretty sure that slave race you wanted to fix your planet wouldn't function well with their number one heat source destroyed.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's character was boring, but then I don't think Bay knows what to do with female eye-candy, I mean, characters. She was there for EVERYONE to remark about how hot she was. I mean, seriously, movie? The average viewer can (and will!) make their own minds up about whether or not someone is attractive. We don't need gratuitous ass shots or various shots of people STARING at her. That's called pandering. It's also called alienating-your-female-and-non-straight-male-audience. Speaking about non-straight audience, I am not very pleased with the character of Dutch. He was cute and I really like Alan Tudyk but why did they have to make the jokes about him having a girlfriend and what her name was? Why even include that?

And Starscream's death was just terrible. Talk about character degradation; in the first movie with four Autobots AND a military presence AND Air support... and Ironhide transforms, looks visibly alarmed and yells "It's STARSCREAM!" As in: Poo your pants because this guy is a threat and he's come to make us dead. Fast forward to the third movie where his death is an extended slapstick sequence by the human that is pretty much a muppet the whole way through the series using equipment he's never used before.

There is some good bits though. It's a shame that they were just bits. I actually liked Megatron in this movie. He's beaten, weary and depressed. He still wants Cybertron to live; he loves Cybertron. But he's tired of leading. He just wants to go home. It's a take on him we haven't really seen before, but then again we haven't really seen an Optimus that was a brutal take no prisoners type either. I liked both. I really liked the bit where Bumblebee transformed on the highway and transformed back catching Sam mid-air. The final action sequence was pretty neat, except for the bit with Starscream. The one-off Robot characters had a bit more personality in this film and their deaths were actually given an amount of emotional depth to them.

I actually enjoyed Sam's character, you could really feel his anger and frustration at the hand he'd been dealt. He used to mean something and now the world sees him as nothing. Patrick Dempsey was entertaining as Dylan, he was pretty much the Anti-Sam. He was the human 'buddy' of the Decepticons, similar to how Sam was with the Autobots. Only while Sam is slumming it and feeling frustrated with his lot in life with no respect, Dylan is living the high life thanks to the benefit his family has had with the Decepticons. Having Sam and Dylan duke it out in the end was not only appropriate but much more satisfying than 5 hours of Sam running around the desert with a sock.

All in all, hey, it was a movie. I think I would have liked it more if RotF wasn't part of the franchise and didn't wear down my enthusiasm. But hey, you could do worse things with two and a half hours of your life than see it. This is not a recommendation that is going to matter for most of us; we're either going to be fed up after seeing the last movie or we were going to see it because we'll still be going 'Woo, Transformers!' My basic recommendation for anyone else is to think about how they felt about the first movie. Because in my experience that's how they'll feel about this one.

And one last thing...
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