Dark of the Moon Reviews

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Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby groverboy » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:37 am

Just noticed that we are talking about it in a few places, and thought perhaps we could centralise it slightly?

I have nothing to add at this point however.
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby buyaball » Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:49 pm

good idea as i have already been spoiled in the movie by some of the random comments banging around....

it does not matter if it is a true spoiler or a joke spoiler as per MrAshes thread it was obvious it was a play around by mrash because he would not be so insensitive
so i took the risk and i was amused by it very funny very LOL till halfway down page "bang" actual spoiler that just might have killed the whole thing for me

would be good if people could keep it to this thread for at least a week maybe 2 till most of us have seen it!

don't click this link...

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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby bumblebee13 » Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:28 pm

id say, go watch it on IMAX... was worth the wait and money! saw kickn' balls cyclonus on the 12am show. my partner what's to watch it again but this time in 2D... XD
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby omegaprime » Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:03 pm

Real spoilers do not read post if you do not want to be spoiled


well i went and seen the movie last night and i found it alot of fun

though i would like to say i think i saw skids in the screen where optimusprime goes you told us all you knew of us had been told ( well something like that )

though he is not in the movie the rest of the time lol

Q was intreasting lol though its a shame he realy only got about 3 lines and i think dino only got about 2 lol

shockwave does speak though im pissey about how he dies though i suppose its takeing advantage of is depth perseption problem lol

Ironhide poor poor ironhide man that would suck going out like that he is an awsome character

sentenailprime well at least hes not animated prime

megatron well upto the last scene he sits on his ass lol kinda like the fallen this anoys me cause it would of been nice to see megatron kill at least a couple of times

well ive had my rant i give it a 7/10 its not a perfect movie but it was preety cool
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby Fairtex » Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:28 pm

Here's my short and sweet review of DOTM. Don't worry, 0 spoilers here.

For me going to the movies is for the visual effects and action. No boring, broken ass gay Oscar nominated movies (with the exception of the epic battle bits from the Lord of the Ring trilogy). DOTM has taken the FX/CGI of any movie to date to a new level. Jaw dropping visual and audio effects. I doubt any movie can match the visual effects of the TF series (unless another TF movie is made). No movie since TF 1 matched the visual effects of that until ROTF and none matched that until DOTM. Avatar was good but how can anything match the FX of a Transforming robot.

Thank you Micheal Bay, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron (for your 3D input).

That's all I will share for now. No spoilers :)

For those that have not seen the movie yet. Enjoy the experience.
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby Zippo » Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:39 pm

Just came back from it, and wow - it was actually awesome.
There are some bits in there that I really need to see high resolution screen caps of, as there was a lot of detail that is to fast to see.

Sentinal is a bad mother, but Prime is even worse.
There were some plot issues, and some huh moments, but I definatly rate the movie over ROTF
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby Sledgehama » Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:46 pm

A few brief thoughts from me here about it all - plenty of spoilers, so be ye warned...

<SPOILERS> (Don't know how much we need to worry about that here but just in case)
A big chunk of mythology is set up in the pre-title sequence and then we’re into exactly the shot you would expect from Michael Bay when one of his stars is a former Victoria’s Secret model...

As with Revenge of the Fallen, the characters coast on whatever development they had in the first film of the series. Sam continues to test how much other characters (and audiences) will stand based on his alleged likeability which seems to diminish more and more with every movie. His ‘best friends’ relationship with Bumblebee seems ever more stretched.

Carly delivers pretty much what we expected – none-too-subtle eye candy and plenty of screaming. The attempt to have her outwit Megatron really shows up the fact that she’s not an actress, but the rest of the time she performs well enough. You can really see that they just snipped Megan Fox’s Mikala out and inserted her in with pretty much only a slight re-write of the White House flashback scene.

Lennox and Epps do their standard thing. A hint of development from Epps, but then it’s right back into standard operation for them both. Can’t complain about either’s performances, but as usual the script doesn’t give them much to do other than engage in military bad-assery. Likewise ex-Agent Simmons continues to be extreme comedic relief that slowly turns into more bearable intelligence agent – I could take him or leave him, by John Turturro puts in a good performance when required.

John Malkovitch has great fun chewing up the scenery with an ultimately pointless but interesting to watch character that disappears halfway through. Frances McDormand likewise puts in a good effort but is a bit hamstrung by having to fulfil the ‘authority figure that dislikes and distrust the Autobots & Sam’ role. I did enjoy Alan Tyduk’s role as Dutch, Agent Simmon’s associate, when he busts loose, but the he could have easily lost the comedy accent and the effect would be the same. Patrick Dempsey is serviceable as the human villain but neither scary enough to fear or exciting enough to love to hate.

Of the mechanical cast, Sentinel Prime is reasonably well presented and Leonard Nimoy really gives a masterclass in how you build character through a vocal performance alone. Outside of Sentinel and the standard ominous warnings from Optimus, characterisation of the other Autobots is pretty much non-existent. They exist as effects, not as characters and it becomes very hard to attach much affection or interest. The Decepticons suffer even worse, with the standard screeds of generic characters that are never identified or seen to do anything other than be Prime-fodder. That’s what really struck me about this movie – there are tons of Transformers on screen but they’re never identified at all. They end up being expensive CGI red shirts or cantina aliens where only a few will ever be indentified in the ‘expanded universe’ of the toys, comics and games. The movie makes any Transformer outside of Prime and Bumblebee pretty inaccessible, and that’s the biggest failing of this movie (and maybe even the franchise as a whole) to me. That said, Wheelie did a lot to redeem himself from the last film, though Brains didn't exactly excite me as a character or a design. Bumblebee's lack of fight following Q's death seemed out of character to me - I can't see how that squad of Autobots would passively sit back and wait to be executed like that. The Wreckers didn't get to do much other than look cool as Schwarzeneggar pimped-out Nascars which was wasted potential as their alt-mode's visual style was quite fascinating. Rio (is that his name?) looked cool but like Sideswipe in ROTF, didn't get much to do after an initial flashy entrance, while Sideswipe graduated to a couple of lines of dialogue but not much more. Ratchet was in the background a lot but I don't recall him doing anything much throughout.

Shockwave was a non-starter. Going in to the film, I thought he was going to be a major villain, rivalling Megatron as the big bad of the story. Instead, he’s limited to a couple of brief appearances, apparently commanding the giant mecha-worm, before he gets his comeuppance. Laserbeak actually seemed to get a decent amount of exposure and a bit of character, though Soundwave didn’t get much more than a cool new alt-mode. Starscream and Megatron only exist when the film remembers and Megatron (while looking damn cool) really does very little to drive the story.

Beyond the characters, the plot has promise, though it becomes a bit convoluted with the big twist and I’m not really sure how the timelines work out with the previously established films (Megs has been in ice for more than a hundred years, yet he was going to meet up on Earth with the Ark which didn’t arrive until the early 60’s? Was he really going to hang out on Earth all that time?). Nice bit of a nod to the G1 'toon with the 'transport Cybertron here' idea from The Ultimate Doom.

Interesting to see how violent the film was - plenty of on-screen human deaths, and a bunch of major TF players getting pretty convincingly finished off as well. If they try to continue the story in the next TF film they'll need to either get a bunch of new characters (especially Deceps) or come up with some really creative ways to bring them back (or just ignore it all and cop out a lame excuse...)

Some great locations and excellent visuals – the whole Chernobyl sequence was appropriately spooky, and the devastated Chicago was suitably post-apocalyptic. Bay does know how to shoot the hell out of a set.

Effects-wise, I can not fault them. Say what you will about the design atheistic the effects teams really make you believe you are looking at photo-real giant robots with their gorgeous effects. The 3D works nicely the vast majority of the time and it’s really only in the quieter scenes where you wouldn’t notice the 3D effect anyway that it doesn’t stand out. It’s not the visual nightmare that many expected from Bay, but it still has the obligatory couple of excessive 3D aspects with some robot spittle that we’ve never seen before. Certainly the most fun non-animated 3D movie I've seen yet, so I do encourage seeing it in such if your resources can stretch.

Overall, it was an okay movie - didn't hate anything and my only real grumbles are over the fact that I don't feel the film gives people a reason to like or know the Transformer characters themselves - the franchise is named after them, so they should be the main focus in my mind. Will modern audiences love Q (that is his name, right?) as much as we loved Perceptor? I doubt it, and that's what I really want from these films - a great rollicking good time with some great hooks to get people interested in the Transformers concepts. Beats the hell out of RotF, but I'd still think the first film stands head and shoulders above either sequel.
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby starscream the great » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:21 pm

Spoilers as expected

Came back from the movies being a nerd I saw both 2D and 3D first screenings (since I wanted TF3 to be my first 3D film and it was the only chance I had before my working days)

Absolutely enjoyed it Nice plot twists and action scenes sentinel besides probably being a bigger jerk than his animated counterpart was pretty badass during his fight scene.

Female lead is quite a looker didn't really have a good look at her before the movie but damn!

Would've loved to see shockwave involved more, Megatron I loved his look kinda wish his toy had that shotgun of his. Plus I think I've seen Megatron on the Lincoln chair on that all hail Megatron comic which is one of the nice homages along side of the main plot reminded me of a few G1 episodes.

Overall pretty damn awesome tempted to see again before it finishes airing but I'll take a break to recharge
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby jalbert009 » Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:18 pm

Spoilers Beware!

Visuals - 10/10 - Very good in 3D. They should win an award in this area!
Acting - 7/10 - Nothing special. I wouldnt expect an award in the acting department.
Cast Humans - 5/10. They had everyone but did not include Megan Fox. It just didn't look right with Carly.
Cast Autobots - 9/10 - Some from the previous movie, I wish the twins were there :? but there were at least 6 new autobots :D
Cast Decepticons - 5/10 - Very dissapointed in the lack of identifiable decepticons despite there being hundreds of them.
Story - 9/10 - Very interesting and good twist especially Sentinel doing what he did.
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby Sohcturbs » Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:57 pm


Went and saw the preview last night/this morning and enjoyed it.

Agree with the other comments that the first movie was the best of the three, but Bay definitely redeemed himself over the mess that was RoTF.

Character development of the bots was lacking I felt and would have kicked it up a notch in terms of audience attachment, after all that's what worked for G1.

The main thing that I found a little unecessary was the killing of Megatron and the ease of which at the end Prime took to Sentinel. I was kind of hoping that Prime and Megs would leave it at the yin and yang of good and evil and each needing the other.

I think that likely there will be a 4th movie as I'm sure it'll do well, but it leaves me wondering how they are going to deal with the Cons. Only way I can see is if they go down the unicron root and reboot megs as Galv and use scourge/sweeps to bulk up the ranks considering the top 3 Cons are now all gone.

Looking forward to a rewatch some time soon. Definetly a recommend despite the above.
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby Starscream NZ » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:10 pm

Having attended the IMAX 3D viewing, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film.

The plot was not perfect, the newer Autobots, Sentinel excluded got little screen time, but they still got more than the new ones in ROTF did, so no real complaints there.

Shockwave was disappointing, but once i'd (accidentally) read about Sentinels ulterior motives, I figured this may be the case.

Dino and Que I was surprisingly impressed with, not a lot of screen time but Dino was memorable enough, and Que's death was appropriately sad. Pity that'll be all he will be remembered for. And hey, at least it was Barricade that killed him and no a random.

Speaking of which, hooray for tying up one loose end! Now, where are Jolt, Chromia, Skids, and Mudflap?

I'd say that DOTM is on the same level, if not better than TF1. They are quite different films, with TF1 being "a boy and his car" and a lot more hopeful, DOTM being a lot more darker. The magic of the first film is exclusive to the first, but DOTM is well, well worth seeing.
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby Mr_Ash » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:25 pm

Optimus needs to deal with his Anger management, face removal apparently not being enough for the blood thirsty Autobot.

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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby starscream the great » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:35 pm

I saw jolt in car mode in a few scenes like when they were fighting in the middle east :P
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby green dragoon » Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:47 pm

Went to DOTM today.
before i begin i did enter the movie in a critical mood.

just a few things:
*Optimus Prime can be a real dick sometime. Megatron swallows his pride and joins optimus in taking down Spock Prime and what does Optimus do he ignores the bigger threat (Spock) and gets his pety vengence on Megatron. and kills Meg in one easy motion he did not put up a fight dispite holding a doublebarrel shotgun, Megatron gets more and more redundant as these movies go on. he also looks alot smaller in this film compared with prime. also we were deprived of a decent final showdown between the two titans. poor Megatron he couldnt even get a glorious warriors death.
*awsome to hear Spock Prime saying the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (even though i think we out number the Transformers 20 robots against a few billion humans and the billions of othe lifeforms on earth Your logic is flawed) :)
*I exepcted Ironhide to get some sort of good bye but after his death it was like he never existed Prime could of said somthing after his death. also what was up with the cosmic rust death of Ironhide?
*This movie really dragged out the final battle. space bridge is working, now its not, now it is, now its not.
* these movies have taught me Mr Bay is kind of a Perv.
* 3D sucked balls I will never see another 3D movie again it was so distracting and found it hard to focus on the movie, my eyes feel strained this Gimicks should stay at the themeparks.

overall dispite all of what i've just said DOTM was good a big step up from ROTF but the first movie is still my fav.

Oh oh oh and did anyone else spot the worlds greatest extra? 10 points if you did :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdEBu7ODVk8
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Re: Dark of the Moon Reviews

Postby Oldschool78 » Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:13 pm

Just saw it.
Great action film, its amazing getting to see a full on movie about my favourite franchise ever Transformers.
I just cant count the amount of crappy movies that have been made of the different franchises over the years.

My first 3d movie, it was okay. I think i prefer 2d a bit better, I think i missed a bit too much with the 3d thing.
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