Cool Stuff Discussion 01: My first Transformers figures

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Re: Cool Stuff Discussion 01: My first Transformers figures

Postby IronhideTFX » Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:10 pm

Zippo wrote:Actually, G1 Twin Twist (Jumpstarter) may have been my first.

I have fuzzy memories of getting Prime, Megatron, Soundwave, Jetfire, Metroplex for Xmas (probably not the same Xmas though(, First Aid because Dad was away for work and Grapple and Hot Rod via pack ins with video tapes...

Bro! I had a Hoist with a tape pack in (Revenge of Bruticus)
I've never found any evidence showing they existed!
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Re: Cool Stuff Discussion 01: My first Transformers figures

Postby Zippo » Tue Feb 14, 2017 3:43 pm

Well I know they existed as I had them (and may still do)
They even had dates of acquisition on them, year = 1987, but can't recall day/month

One of my grails would be to find a sealed example ...
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Re: Cool Stuff Discussion 01: My first Transformers figures

Postby Monkey222 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:51 pm

G2 Optimus Prime for Xmas when I was 5. The black trailer version.

I wish I had taken care of my toys...
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Re: Cool Stuff Discussion 01: My first Transformers figures

Postby Vestra » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:41 am

This is fantastic idea for a thread and I commend you all for hunting back into your past to consider where it all started! It's magnificent to see a younger fan going through a similar process I found in my early 20s over a different generation altogether.

I was born in 1990's and grew up watching reruns of G1 on television before going to school. As a young man with autistic tendancies I'd almost literally be glued to the television. I have memories of my mother pulling singlets from the heather in winter around my head, briefly interrupting my view of the tiny tube.

We were not very well off financially and the majority of figures I had came from school galas and the like. My first two were a G1 Laserbeak and Micromaster Hyperdrive. I had found these at the age of 3 as my mother held me over a table. I developed quite a keen eye for Transformers related pieces over the years and found a huge variation of G1 figures in manageable conditions. Not knowing all of them I'd name them and Transform them as well as I could. The only figure I'm certain I mistransformed for roughly a decade was a G1 Scattershot. With a vivid imagination I'd find myself playing with Transformers and Bioncles until late into the age of 16. I regret nothing.

As my love for the series grew I'd find myself plopped quite firmly on the floor in the toy isles of a Farmers or The Warehouse or even Decka back when they had those plastic display cases showing off figures in combat. I can remember one clear as day having G2 Superion and G2 Bruticus fighting on a beach. It was strange but I wanted them more than anything. I'd get things like a G2 Pyro and a Beast Wars Inferno over coming years. Superion himself was an assortment of family gifts for a birthday.

I still own my first Optimus Prime from G2. Bought for me for Christmas in 1995 I loved him more than anything. I was fairly gentle with him.

For a book fair thing at school we had to dress up as our favourite characters from a book we owned. Having one of the ladybird Transformers books I decided to dress poorly as Prime in red, blue and white clothing. I took him and the book with me to help prove my point on stage. As we left the assembly hall a boy behind me pushed me accidentally and I dropped him, breaking one of his smokestacks. I probably cried for a week straight. When I was tight on money I sold all of his accessories with a better condition cab and regret this immensely. The rubber on his wheels is still completely in tact.

I have endless stories about Transformers, they've been a giant part of my life.
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