Best NZ product to tighten joints on bots?

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Best NZ product to tighten joints on bots?

Postby NZHC » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:28 pm

Just wondering what product/products you guys use to tighten joints on your bots? I've heard online about Pledge floor magic but I can only seem to find Pledge wood magic locally.

My Gigapower Grassor has extremely loose fingers in the ball joints, causing the fingers to open in ALT mode, which makes it extremely difficult to re transform. Any product I could apply to tighten them would fix them perfectly.

Thanks in Advance
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Re: Best NZ product to tighten joints on bots?

Postby NKF » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:06 pm

A very thin application of superglue or clear nail polish is what I often see recommended for this task, though they can be very tricky to apply and any stuff ups could result in permanent damage.

Myself, I generally go with the less permanent option and use PVA glue. More often for strengthening loose pegs rather than ball joints, but I recently managed to use it to great effect to improve a Virtruvian H.A.C.K.S blank action figure whose head kept falling out of its neck socket.

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Re: Best NZ product to tighten joints on bots?

Postby confab » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:57 pm

I have had some success tightening ball joints with Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish, available at Bunnings Warehouse for $9.00. Just daub a bit on the joint and leave for 24 hours. It's not perfect (some residue sloughs off when I use the joints) but it does tighten them up.
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