Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection

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Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection

Postby RotorstormNP » Sat May 14, 2022 1:45 pm

Hi all,
Amazon is getting an exclusive five-figure subline of Legacy Wreckers covering various iterations of the team:
Deluxe Comic Universe Impactor and Spindle (Fossilizer)
Deluxe G2 Universe Leadfoot and Masterdominus (Fossilizer)
Deluxe Diaclone Universe Twin Twist
Voyager Autobot Springer
Voyager Prime Universe Bulkhead (AoE Hound-inspired deco and comes with Breakdown's hammer)

Now I'm not interested in Fossilizers but I'd love Impactor and Twin Twist - if anyone feels the opposite way and is okay with me paying off the figs please let me know!
Cheers, Zac in Whanganui
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