Fan First Tuesday: Legacy, Sg Magnus, Robosen OP Trailer

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Fan First Tuesday: Legacy, Sg Magnus, Robosen OP Trailer

Postby RotorstormNP » Fri Apr 15, 2022 4:58 am

Hi all,
Fan First Tuesday (link to YouTube stream) was (almost) all about Legacy and, wow, to me they really knocked it out of the park with these guys! Legacy product links are to Amazon for convenience.

Deluxe Knock Out

Deluxe Wild Rider

Deluxe Elita-1

Deluxe Tarantulas

Voyager Jhiaxus (complete with G2 sigil!)

Voyager Blitzwing

Voyager Motormaster

Some Hasbro videos have been shared over at TFW2005.

I love it all! I know nothing about Jhiaxus beyond what I've read on the Wiki but for some reason I LOVE his guns! Elita-1 looks great, SG Magnus is very cool, Tarantulas looks spot-on...honestly, all of these guys and gals look terrific!

As I've never been a Stunticons guy I have to call out Motormaster: he looks awesome and I'm super intrigued by the new combiner format as well as his battle station. I'm very excited to see Menasor in full as well as the other combiners (waiting on Superion and Blades, because plane guy).

Knock Out. He was my favourite character of Prime and I absolutely loved his toy I easily transformed him the most out of all my many figures from that line. I regret selling it and now even more so. I really like this new version, but the fact he's not an obvious Aston Martin is disappointing - as is the fact his face isn't moulded with a smirk!!! How?! All that said, I still want him!

I'm really enjoying Legacy. More power to the design team and bring on more cool new stuff!

There were also two other rather cool things: Shattered Glass Leader Class Ultra Magnus/Delta Magnus, and an almost metre-long mechanised trailer accessory for the Robosen auto-converting Optimus Prime which looks incredible...and comes with a Roller which can tow it! Also there's news that said OP is getting a reissue.

Check out more pics at Seibertron here, [url]here[/url] and here.

I better have some disposable income again soon cos it's looking like a big collecting year for me!!
Cheers, Zac in Whanganui
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