Transformers Devastation Game

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Re: Transformers Devastation Game

Postby omegaprime » Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:13 am

sure why not

graphics are solid
voice acting is great little comments though out it are funny all round optimusprime being the least funny.
gameplay is good though uping speed is a must there are times where dodging is needed and speed directly effects this.
difficulty setting are rather extreme on normal its fun lower it one difficulty and your running though it like your primus up it one difficulty from normal and your a minicon trying to take on metroplex so its rather extereme.
there is plenty of replay value espelly with how many characters there are each one haveing there own uniqe play style grimlocks being the most uniqe and most annoying to be honest.

there are a few things you can do to bost skills like the insectacon challange missions 49,50 put them on the highest difficulty and shoot away and you can get lots of good weapons, you can increase your chance of geting rare weapons by attaching the right equipment.

over all this is a good game it is worth the 60 i paid for it and i hope they bring out another game or some actual dlc not those costumes lol.
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Re: Transformers Devastation Game

Postby Devcon » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:10 pm

yep pretty much what omegaprime said.

I found that the gameplay itself consisted on a lot of repetitive moves/combos (reminded me of MK/Tekken juggling) but all round well balanced game mechanics.

Biggest thing in this game is that if you're going after trophies, the best thing to do is go through all the chapters until you unlock prime mode that way you'll find commander trophies easier as you will have leveled your character/s to the extent of demolishing your opponents.

There's no doubt that they will do another one but I'm hoping that they get in some online gaming against others like WFC and FOC has.
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