Buy/Sell/Trade Rules.

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Buy/Sell/Trade Rules.

Postby Starscream NZ » Thu Feb 16, 2006 6:12 pm

Since I sort of....deleted the old rules....I think it's time they were reposted. :oops:


Right, when you are putting something up for sale on TFNZ, make sure you're posting it here, the rules are, first come, first served, just like in a toy-store or trademe. The seller must give first priority to the person who expresses an interest in the product. If a toy isn't 100% confirmed sale, but the person states something like "how much for (insert name here)" or "i'd like (insert name here), let me think about it" are considering as expressing interest, therefore, that person has 'first dibs' on a sale. If they then decline their interest, the seller may then pass the offer of sale to the next person. You CANNOT give sale up to someone in favour of a friend of yours, or someone you prefer dealing with. Whoever posts in the thread first has first dibs, NO exceptions.
An example:

Seller: "I am selling a Metroplex Fist."

Buyer #1: "I need 'a' Metroplex fist. Which one is it?"

Seller: "It's the left one."

Buyer #2: "I need both Metroplex fists, I'll take it."

Here, the Seller must wait to hear back from Buyer #1.

If someone is second or third in line, they CANNOT offer you a higher price for the item someone else has claimed. This is a buy/sell/trade forum, not an auction site. First in, first served. If you're only after the highest possible price, Trademe is the way to go. TFNZ has the advantage of quick sales and no fees, as well as guaranteed good homes for all items, so it's a matter of personal choice.


Seller: "I am selling an Optimus Primal, and will take the highest offer."

Buyer #1: "I offer $20."

Buyer #2: "I offer $30."

Seller: "Buyer #2 gets it."

Here, the seller is clearly in the wrong. They must decide upon a fixed price, and offer the item again. The dibs system is still in place, and the first person to show interest gets first dibs, should they wish it so.

If you are wanting to purchase an item from someone's 'for sale' thread here on TFNZ, you MUST POST your interest/claim IN THE THREAD, NOT VIA E-MAIL OR PRIVATE MESSAGE. Your claim HAS to be seen by all, so they know it is taken. Otherwise it gets way too messy. If you, or the seller wish to also contact via E-mail or PM, whoever's claim is FIRST IN THE THREAD gets first dibs. Otherwise people don't know whats for sale or whats been taken.
If someone has expressed interest, you are welcome to be 'second in line' for the item, in the case the first person finds he/she cannot afford to complete the trade, has a change of mind or for anyother reason, whoever is 'next in line' may then take first priority of the sale.


Seller: "I am selling a Bruticus."

Buyer #1: "Ooh, I'd like that."

Buyer #2: "But I sent you an email about that yesterday."

Here, Buyer #1 gets it, because Buyer #1 posted first in the thread.

There is also the 'sympathy factor'. If Buyer #1 claims an item, and Buyer #2 has been voicing their desire for said item in other threads, Buyer #2 may appeal to Buyer 1 to let them have the item. Now, Buyer #1 does not have to agree to this, it's all a matter of personal judgement, but bear in mind that it pays to be polite. You never know who'll be selling something you want in the future.

An example of this:

Seller: "I am selling Predator Skyquake."

Buyer #1: "Hrmm, I don't have him, I'd like one."

Buyer #2: "Ack! Too late! I've wanted Skyquake for ages!"

Buyer #1: "Oh, so you have. I wasn't all that desperate for him anyway, you take him."

Buyer #2: "Thanks!"

Once people start claiming items in your thread, it's a good idea, but not a rule to edit your list and put a "- (insert buyers name here)" next to the item that they are buying, so any new viewers of the thread know what's for sale, and what's not.

Sellers are allowed to impose their own terms of sale, within reason. Assuming these terms are not unreasonable, failure to abide by them will result in the buyer losing out, with the possibility of a second buyer taking their place. Be sure to read the topic carefully before claiming an item.


Seller: "I am selling a G1 Bludgeon, but I'm going away next week, so you'll have to pay before then."

Buyer #1: "I do want him, but I can't pay until next week."

Buyer #2: "I can pay this week."

Seller: "Sorry Buyer #1, Buyer #2 gets it."

Hopefully you can all understand and abide by these rules. Some of you may miss out on something, bad luck to you, we've all had it. These should tell you why. If you get a bargain, congratulations. Like the rest of life, it's the luck of the draw.

These rules will be updated as necessary by Starscream NZ and onslaught86, and are thus subject to change as situations arise. Failure to abide by them for a consistant period of time may result in the loss of buy/sell privileges. We're pleased to say that we've never had to do this.

If you have any problems with these rules or queries about them, please contact the TFNZ Adminstration via PM.
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Re: Buy/Sell/Trade Rules.

Postby Zippo » Fri May 01, 2015 12:22 pm

UPDATE TO BUY/SELL/TRADE RULES - effective 1st May 2015

All items for sale MUST include a set price
If a buyer wishes to negotiate, that is acceptable but the seller can refuse and limit the items sale price to the price listed
The seller can add in terms around his prices (example, purchase 3 and get 10% off OR purchase 9 and get free postage)

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