Botbot Swapsies with Mr. Ash?

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Botbot Swapsies with Mr. Ash?

Postby Mr_Ash » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:02 pm

Hello everybody - long time no post from this Princess!

As we know, Botbots are here in NZ and they are hella addictive lil bots of fun.

I thought I'd make this post as I have a few double-ups at this and figured I would try and get some trading going as intended by the line.

Mr. Ash Double-ups to trade:

1 x Frohawk - black and pink spray can
1 x Poo Sham - shampoo bottle
2 x King Toots - toilet paper
1 x Waddlepop - penguin/iceblock
1 x Stinkeye Stapleton - stapler
1 x Dimlit - torch
1 x Bonz Eye - bonzai plant
1 x Pucksie - hockey puck
1 x Spud Muffin - french fries

What I'm after:

Hawt Diggity (hot dog)
Duderoni (pizza slice)
Point Dexter (pencil)
Laceface (american football)
Clogstopper (plunger)
Game Over (videogame controller)
Cuddletooth (chainsaw)
Major Lee Screwge (power drill)
Chilla Gorilla (headphones)
Dr. Moggly (VR goggles)
Goob Toob (television)

Thanks people@!
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