WTB: Beast Wars Neo

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WTB: Beast Wars Neo

Postby Fan-of-Cool-Stuff-27 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:30 pm

Hey all,

I am so very close to completing my main Cybertron and Destron cast from Beast Wars Neo.

However I am still in need of the guest star characters from the show too.

Figures I am left to get:

- Heinrad (Tanuki/Alarm clock)
- Rockbuster (Razorclaw/Crab repaint)
- Sharp Edge (Cybershark retool - Saw shark)
- Bump (Armordillo repaint)
- Survive (Polarclaw repaint)
- Magmatron (preferably Japanese/Korean version NOT Dinobots version)
- Hydra (slight Lazorbeak repaint)
- Crazybolt (Iguanus repaint)
- Hardhead (Dinobot retool)
- Bazooka (little orange basics class dinosaur)
- Ratorata (slight Injector repaint)
- Drancron (Skyshadow repaint)
- Elphaorpha/Elephorca (Torca repaint)

I would prefer them to be complete with boxes but I'll take what I can get (as long as the figures are complete)

It would be much appreciated if anyone out there had any of these here in NZ that they were willing to sell. I've started buying from eBay for a lot of these but some are just that hard to find for good prices to get them shipped here to NZ.

On the hunt for on-screen Movieverse TF figures, Unicron Trilogy figures and RiD 2001 figures.

If you are willing to sell any of these to me or want to know what I'm specifically after just message me and let me know it would be much appreciated.

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