FS: Various MP 3P

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FS: Various MP 3P

Postby Tron » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:16 pm

Hi guys. Have priced these to sell. Reluctant sales. Will leave here for a few days and if no result will put on trademe. Pick up is in South Auckland. Will add to this list later.

Apollyon - (Complete includes everything) - $100

MP-22 - (Complete includes everything) - $120
MP-18 - (Complete includes everything) - $60 [Sold]
MP-25 Tracks - Has the flight stand peg stuck in the hole that it plugs into. (Complete includes everything) - $60

MMC Annihilator - (Complete includes everything) - $90

Fansproject Backfiery (MIB) $60
Fansproject Thundershred (MIB) $60
Fansproject Stormbomb (MIB) $60
Gigapower Guttur (Metallic) (Complete includes everything) - $100

Generations Leader Jetfire (MIB) - Only opened this for inspection $50
Universe Bruticus Maximus Set (MIB but no manual I think box is in average condition also) $60
G1 Starscream polystone statue (MIB) $50
G1 Optimus Prime reissue (MISB) $100

KO MP-12G $35 [Sold]
MP-10U - (MISB) $90

note: "includes everything" means the box too, I just didn't want to write MIB because its not physically in the box right now :)

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Re: FS: Various MP 3P

Postby Good_Riddance » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:08 pm

Keen on mp-18 & mp-12g ko...

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Re: FS: Various MP 3P

Postby Tron » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:58 am

Good_Riddance wrote:Keen on mp-18 & mp-12g ko...

Cool. Ill upload some photos of those 2

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